Simply put, Tantra is all about connecting you with your Goodness. It is a very helpful way to process all the intricacies and complexities of your mind and gets you back to the simple truths in your body. It is all about Mindfulness, which brings cohesion between your mind, your heart and your body. It is also about any Resistance you have towards connecting you with your Goodness. Resistance is that part of you that is frightened of change.

It is a moment by moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and your surrounding environment. What do you notice is moving inside you right now and what you notice you are resisting. When we are being “mindful” we are bringing, focused, non-judgemental awareness to our experience. It is this attention that changes the structure and functions or our physical brain. The word Tantra is composed of two words from ancient Indian (Sanskrit) texts – weaving and expansion.

The origins of Tantra has two branches – Tibetan Mind Tantra and Indian Body Tantra. In my therapy work, I concentrate on the Indian Body Tantra, more specifically Healing Tantra Massage to help people to heal sexual distress, ‘disability’ and ‘wounds’. There are a multitude of varieties of Tantra practices. Many do not involve any sexual activity, but all are intensely focused on the spiritual and subtle or erotic dimensions of being human.

Tantra has been popularized in the West to improve sexual intimacy, enrich sexual satisfaction and to enhance orgasmic experience. Tantric spiritual practices can be positively applied for enhancing subtle or erotic connections. For Tantric methodologies to be effective, participants need to be somewhat open to the experience of subtle energies within their embodiment. It is therefore time to realize the importance of sexual vibrational life energy that can transform instead of being suppressed and controlled.

Everyone can benefit from learning and practicing Tantra, especially people looking for:

  1. personal growth and a higher spiritual awareness
  2. knowing your goodness on a deeper level, through your body
  3. to gain a more pleasurable sex life
  4. and/or have a deeper intimacy with your partner.

Many religions and Western society tell us we should feel guilty, shameful and fearful of almost everything.  We are taught that our bodies are bad, dirty and must be kept private and also that Sex is only for reproduction and it’s bad to just enjoy physical pleasure and deeper connection.

Along with many other beliefs and burdens that have been placed on us over time, it is no wonder we are more ill and unhappy then we have ever been in history.  Every year the percentages of people expected to get cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses increase at a rate like never before.

There are many health benefits which can be achieved from receiving Tantra Massage or Body work. The main focus of Tantra Massage is to build and build the sexual energy (which is a very raw and powerful energy) and release it up through the body and to fill the entire body and every cell. This releasing of energy alone assists blood flow in the body.  

Alternative Medicine states that there are only two things that cause pain in the body.  They are a blockage of the flow of blood or a blockage of the flow of energy.  Either of these are an indication that there are parts of us that need our attention.The reason it can help all the conditions set out below and others is because they are all caused from blockages and energy imbalances. 

Some of the conditions that have shown to benefit from Healing Tantra Massage are –   Anxiety,  Digestive Problems,  Depression,  Fatigue,  Inability to Orgasm,  Irregular Menstrual Cycle,  Low Back Pain,  Low Sex Drive,  Migraines,  Painful Intercourse,  Painful Periods, PMS, Stress related problems and Vaginal Dryness.