Indian Tantra Explained

Tibetan Tantra’s goal was to attain bliss or connection with Source through the mind and concentration. It uses meditation practices and breath to move around life force energy to attain sublime peace of mind (bliss). It starts in the head and moves down to the heart. Tibetan Tantra is a 3 500 year old body of rituals or yogas, from Tibet and Northern India and all these yogas consider the external reality to be a manifestation of your internal and so a yoga relationship is a journey to your own soul through meditation.

Indian Tantra’s goal was to attain bliss or connection to Source through body practices or yoga, and breath. It uses body practices and breath to move life force energy around in the body to attain bliss or sublime pleasure in the body. It starts in the heart area and moves down to the perineum. You feel more connected to your JOY.

JOY means having access to all the emotional and energetic range you are capable of experiencing as a human being. How do you access this aliveness or your emotional and energetic range inside you?

In my experience I believe that you access your body’s true aliveness through firstly Indian Body Tantra and secondly Heart Intelligence.

Indian Body Tantra is has two parts – 1) Classic Tantra body practices like Hatha yoga and other forms of yoga that help you connect to Source/God and connect with yourself through meditation. 2) Neo Tantra body practices expand your body’s capacity to feel pleasure and self healing.This is what I focus on in my Healing Tantra Massage work.

I also use Heart Intelligence practices to help you expand your emotional and energetic range – your capacity to feel more JOY. Heart Intelligence helps you to 1) connect to source/God and then 2) connect to your body. Heart Intelligence then also helps you to 3) let others in and 4) share your love with others.

Feeling your JOY more fully is the ability you have toHeart Intelligence Body Diagram 400 by 422

1) become very aware of your inner workings in your amazing body

2) use your heart and your breath to direct the energy in your body to   manifest what you want to experience and

3) use body-energy practices to connect better with people.

Vulnerability(letting others feel you and see you) is a huge key to unlock more aliveness into your life so that you can enjoy more openness, responsiveness and connection to your self and to people around you – living wholeheartedly from your heart!


Indian Tantric intimacy is very different to our modern model of sex and relationship and intimacy.

Modern sex and relationships look for an outcome like climax or satisfaction. The Indian Tantric model emphasizes orgasmic and energetic bonding. It is a way of merging between two souls in their bodies with no goals to reach. Both Indian Tantra and Heart Intelligence helps you to enjoy a juicy and safe sexual connection with yourself first and then with your partner.

Using Tantra will help you to heal blocks you have around your sexual life juice – your 1) sexualness and 2) your erotic nature.

Your sexualness comprises the qualities of compassion, expansion, full presence, orgasmic pleasure and spaciousness – rather than only sexuality, which has around it judgements of being “less sexy than or more sexy than another person”.

Your erotic nature is your body and mind’s ability to experience subtle energy shifts around your sexual life force energy.

Indian Tantra body practices are the initial focus in my work with you. I will help you to relax deeply and clear all judgements about your sexuality.

I am also a Highly Sensitive Person, so if you are a woman looking for a gentle and intuitive male energy to help you connect to more of your juicy sexual life force or perhaps heal any man wounds, then I am your guy!

If you are the kind of woman who knows how you want to feel – open, creative, powerful in being vulnerable, orgasmic and fully turned on by your life force – then call me for a free 10 minute discovery session on 082 255 5906 or skype at mark.hoinkes2 or Viber (free mobile apps available on I phones and Android) on 082 255 5906.

I am based in Umdloti just past Umhlanga in KZN and I also work in Gallo Manor Sandton every 3rd month during midweek for 3 days.. Lets make this happen! Let me show you how to live in your full life force energy!