Tantra Massage

Indian Body Tantra teaches how to embrace and value your sensual self, the whole of your body including your sexuality and in so doing experience much more of who you really are. Indian Body Tantra can therefore be seen as a reconciliation of your sexuality and spirituality because it affirms the unity of your body and soul. Using different methods, such as touch, breathing, movement, massage and communication, you will find more body awareness and a more honest expression of your sexuality.

The practices, techniques and concepts in my Indian Tantra Massage are designed to penetrate all three layers of your consciousness – physical senses, mental models and your energetic blueprint. I channel love from God/Source into your body. The result is deep transformation of the self that often spills into every aspect of your life. You’ll be a different person after this journey.

For your Tantra massage to be effective, you will need to be aware of subtle energy moving in your body. What do I mean by this? 

I work with all women who are experiencing blockages in their sexuality and I specialize in helping women who are Highly Sensitive.  In my experience, my work will be a perfect fit for both you and I if you are on a spiritual journey and want to integrate your Sensitivity more into your life without making being Sensitive wrong any more. Find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP – left click on the link below and select “save target as” or “save link as”.





Oil on back 800 by 657Your Indian Tantra Massage is always received in the nude, in a space of sexual innocence. Its a spiritual experience because I help you to go back to Source or God or purity. I always wear special underwear and use my hands and forearms to massage your body. We are re energizing your divine soul blueprint so that you can feel aliveness in your body again. if you don't have great relationship with your body, your massage is going to change this for you! Your massage is about opening your heart and body, and you may become arouse. Know that you are perfectly safe, nothing will happen to you. I put on medical grade nitrile rubber gloves when I begin your vaginal massage - for hygienic reasons and your safety.


Gustav Klimt The Kiss Faces smallerWhether you are in a straight or gay romantic relationship and have not had beautiful nurturing sex for a while, before your Indian Tantra Massage I will show you exactly how to ask for what you want from your partner in a direct and caring way and get it so that you both feel deeply connected again. If you are separated or divorced or feeling a lack of confidence, your massage will help get your confidence back - quickly! Tantra Massage helps you connect to your sexual life force energy once again. Strong life force energy will help you to process whatever feelings come up so that you can move on.


Overview of your Indian Tantra Massage (Code of Conduct):

1.  We chat about anything that has come up for you since our ten minute pre-massage discovery session on the phone and set the     intention for your healing massage session.

2.  We will not deviate from this intention. The reason for this is that once I start stroking you, you may feel huge amounts of pleasure and or healing energy. You may also feel very attracted to my energy - this is a natural response. As I mentioned earlier, I will be channeling Love Energy from Source/God into your body. As you feel this Love Energy, you will start tapping into your own very powerful chemicals of bliss, healing and perhaps even regeneration. Your body will release dopamine and oxytocin.

3.  I teach you deep Tantric breathing & we can also do a guided meditation which sets your intention for your massage - examples of this are "I want to heal from abuse by allowing my body to feel pleasure again", " I want to process the shame I feel about my body into loving my body more", "I want to feel nurtured because I always put others first" etc

4.  I begin the first two stages of your massage.

Stage 1 - I walk around the massage bed and lightly stroke all the parts of your body, with no emphasis on any part. I only ask feedback from you whether the pressure of my strokes is enjoyable and you can say something like "Use lighter pressure or firmer pressure". By doing these strokes, I awaken all the pleasure cells in your whole body.

Stage 2 - I introduce warm high quality virgin grape-seed oil to your body and then stroke the warm oil into your skin using long sensual strokes once again. At this stage I also use my forearms giving you sensual Hawaian massage strokes from your ankles up your legs, back, shoulders and down your arms. I massage under your back and shoulders and also under your buttocks. I may lay my chest on your upper back behind your heart to energize your heart centre.

Be aware that erection and arousal are common physiological responses that happens when your parasympathetic nervous system is activated by touch anywhere on your body. When this happens, just breathe deeply and enjoy the pleasurable sensations.

When you are ready and feeling safe, we proceed to stage 3 of your massage - your Yoni or Lingam will be massaged to release stress, emotions and other blockages so that you can experience the deepest pleasure possible.

Remember, you are here to access your own bliss and you don't give anything back to me. The process I am sharing here is a safe (I always wear underwear), structure within which I also use my intuitive energy.

To find out which areas on a woman's body I massage, right click on the link below and select "save target as" or "save link as". This PDF may not download to your phone, so rather download it to your pc. I suggest that you save it first so that you can refer to it as I describe my Massage in more detail below.


Stage 3 For Women - Yoni Massage(Sanskrit for Vulva or sacred space). I sit on the middle of the massage bed with you. Again I remind you that I always wear underwear. You place your legs over my thighs so that I have easier access to your pelvic areas. You place both hands on my knees and lay there and breathe deeply. I begin by placing my left hand on your third eye and my right hand over your Yoni to connect your higher and lower chakras. I will use sensual vagina acupressure strokes when I massage your pelvic area and inside your Yoni.

To begin your Yoni massage, I massage your lower belly above your ovaries and your uterus, and also where your torso joins your legs. From here, using my thumbs and forefingers, I gently massage your outer labia/lips, gently pulling and stroking them. Then I proceed to massage the erectile tissue on both sides of your vagina - your vestibular bulbs (please see diagram What we Cannot See from the outside on your downloadable PDF above). This should be very relaxing for you. Following on from this, I gently massage your inner labia/lips also by massaging each labia with gentle touch. Your inner lips are generally much more sensitive to touch than your outer lips you may start to feel a stronger arousal at this stage. I gently massage your introitus (the entrance to your vagina) and also your fourchette.

Now we pay attention to inside your vagina, I ask your permission to massage inside your vagina, beginning with a very gentle and slow massage around the walls inside your vagina. Imagine your vagina represented by a clock face. I begin at midday and very gently and slowly rotate in small circular movements, anti clockwise around the walls of your vagina, all the way to five past twelve. Then, I do the same moving gently and slowly clockwise all the way back to midday. Inside your vagina, the flesh of your vaginal walls reveal many wonderful and subtle energies and I ask you to share with me what is coming up inside you - any feelings, emotions. I am holding space for you to breathe deeply and feel whatever you are feeling.

  • Your Yoni is your sacred space in which your life force lives
  • Your desires to create and manifest life and deeper connection all come from your uterus and your Yoni
  • I have actually been “mapping” your Yoni for you – connecting You with Her again
  • With this in mind, I stroke your Yoni in a gentle loving way, not to get you "hot '
  • When I massage your Goddess-spot or more accurately your Goddess Area, you may feel sensations of lightness and ecstasy that that you may never have felt before. Did you see your G Area or Urethral Sponge as shown in the Pdf drawing?
  • I massage your Goddess-area with one hand and place my other hand on your heart so that the two are connected
  • This "letting go" is a life changing and cathartic experience - a 'rite of passage' as it were into deep femininity

Typically, at the end of your session, I end with a practice called "The Draw". You breathe in as deeply as you can and hold your breath, simultaneously tensioning your PC muscle. You hold this tension and your breath until you feel a significant urge to breathe. At this moment you release your withheld breath and PC muscles suddenly, even explosively. This powerful breath clears residual energies and allows your nervous system to return to a state of homeostasis or normalcy before you drive home.

The fee for a 2 hour Full Body Massage is R1 400 and includes ten minutes follow up and support via Whatsapp.

For all massage bookings, the payment process is full payment upfront will give you free 10 minutes added to your session

My rooms are in Umdloti past Umhlanga ,North Coast KZN and I also work from Gallo Manor in Sandton every 3rd month midweek for 3 days.

My mobile number is 082 255 5906. Call me for a free ten minute discovery session to put your mind at ease.


Watch this powerful Testimonial

If you are a single Mom and not in a relationship, you can sometimes feel very overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of running your household without the support your need. This means that you don't find the time with a romantic partner to connect with and access your sexualness in a way that will nurture you and regenerate your energy. I have massaged single moms and they all say after their massage that they felt deliciously nurtured and responsive without having to give anything back!

So, if you're a single mom reading this, I want to support your desire for connection and intimacy - without you feeling responsible to give anything back. I am giving single moms a reduction of 15% off the usual prices.


Typically, at the end of your session, I end with a practice called "The Draw". You breathe in as deeply as you can and hold your breath, simultaneously tensioning your PC muscle. You hold this tension and your breath until you feel a significant urge to breathe. At this moment you release your withheld breath and PC muscles suddenly, even explosively. This powerful breath clears residual energies and allows your nervous system to return to a state of homeostasis or normalcy before you drive home.

Some More Beautiful Testimonials

"Tantra is many things - for me it was a final step towards self-worth. I had begun to realize just how precious my mind, body & soul connection truly are. I started to give myself permission to extend past some of my limiting thoughts and beliefs and to expand into who I truly am. I began to be guided to experience much more in my life. I trust my intuition, I listen to it, not always... the noise of life interferes often, but deep within there is a knowing that I always return to.

It took almost a year of searching before my path finally crossed with Mark’s. I had to overcome many challenges before I was “ready” for my Tantra Massage. You like me, will have to choose to bare all, and become completely vulnerable... and it is in that space of feeling so vulnerable where you will feel completely safe with Mark - like I did. My initial Tantra Massage experience was three hours in length and I felt completely accepted and this is the space I am now in - since my two Tantra Massages with Mark.

A woman’s sensuality is truly a sacred thing, and also a very potent gift. My own sensuality is that potent gift. My Tantra Massages with Mark helped me realize this. From this awareness, I have decided to use my potent sensuality in the right way so that I touch people’s lives... As women, our potent sensuality will keep us all safe in the knowing that we are perfect in every way, as God intended it from the day we were created." Maureen from Pretoria

Words are failing me in finding the best description of this beautiful man. I've never found someone with whom I could be so honest, sharing my deepest hopes and fears, after just one meeting. The Tantra massage itself was transcendental. I did the two and a half hour session with him and felt that I had entered an envelope of masculine acceptance, love and caring. Wow. Mark has so much gold to share with others and he facilitates so well the often difficult process of helping people find their own gold. Ron from Washington DC

Hi Mark, I am not sure what you did to my beautiful wife, but she is walking on air since her Tantra Massage session with you. It has had a very powerful effect on her and the benefits are absolutely amazing! I mentioned the idea of her having a Yoni Massage a while ago. She was not that keen at first believing that it must be discreet and not sleezy at all. As I did research on the net, I found your website and what you offer matched exactly what we had in mind. Since her massage, our sex levels have jumped to a height that is unprecedented! We both feel an intensity, connection and orgasmic pleasure that is totally amazing! Thank You Mark