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My Experience 24 hours after my Tantra Massage with you – I must admit that I wanted to do this for 3 years. I knew that for many years, I was numb and did not feel things. I shut down my emotions and worked like a robot – I kept chasing.

Over the past two weeks, I found myself again and I realized the toxic place I was actually in. My romantic relationship was not working and I just felt used and unheard in it. I felt like I loved my partner in so many ways. With his outlook on life and his support, he seemed like a dream come true. I became his support and 6 months after this, did I realize how bad my life was and how my energy was draining from me.

Our sex was also such a problem for me. I was never satisfied and always cried because I felt degraded and so unworthy. My partner broke my confidence with his many sexual stories of being with so many other women before me. Another challenge I faced was that my culture kept telling me that “I was old and I need to marry”. With everything inside me I resisted and fought this point of view.

6 months ago I wanted to leave the relationship with my partner, but my low self esteem and guilt kept me from leaving. His financial status and financial power as well as his manipulation always had a way of pulling me back into the cycle. I truly hated every minute of being intimate with him and I switched off and focused on my depression. He kept blaming me for how our relationship was not working and this blame consumed all my energy.

When I got to meet you Mark, I was terrified. I found myself filled with judgements and worry. As you and I faced each other just before I removed my clothes, I felt such fear and I wanted to run away. Just then I had a reassuring thought – it was a best friend who had been healed by you Mark and she had urged me to come see you.

When it came time to get naked and you asked me to gently remove my clothes, I felt even more traumatized. Not one of the men I had ever been with had ever looked at my body. They all had looked at my face which felt like it was a winning prize and my body was just a bonus. I felt heavy and completely scared as we started my massage. My body was full of tension and I felt so emotional.


For the first time in 31 years, I felt my soul. I felt my divine feminine energy – playful and also powerfully happy and calm.

In those moments, I felt so safe and safe enough to be vulnerable and I realized that I had neglected myself for so long and treated myself so badly. In those moments, I also knew that I was worthy of of the life I lead and the dreams I have.

Then you held my head between you hands and I started crying. I forgave myself for the harmful relationships I have been in – they were abusive and none intimate and I had been completely submissive in all of them. As you nurtured my head, I remember thinking of my mum – a woman who has been through so much and who at 50 years of age, has not been freed.

In the midst of all my baggage, I felt free! I felt so alive and I felt so touched. It felt like I gave nothing back, but I just received what was intended for me.

As I drove back home, I felt high on life and also invincible. I had a shower and for the first time in my life I actually washed my body intimately. I noticed that I wasn’t rushing, I was truly feeling the water and washed my body with calm and peace. Then I went to bed feeling soft and so light. This morning I woke up feeling happy and so peaceful with so much love inside. I felt the same love that I so powerfully shared a long time before I began my toxic relationship.

The whole day, I noticed that people looked at me all the time. Men greeted me and smiled at me and I could feel women admiring me. For the first time, I wasn’t shy. I was proud to be admired and appreciated for being the beautiful soul that I am and for the blessings of the Creator.

As I fall asleep 24 hours later, I notice that I feel heavy and sad, but this time I know that these feelings are welcome. This time I know that they are part of the process of letting go so that I can make place inside me for new beginnings and bigger dreams.

Mark, I thank you from my heart, RG.

Dear Mark, as I told you, I lost my partner through a hijacking and the six months before he died was very traumatic. I was feeling such deep loss at his passing and I struggled to feel safe in myself. Having heard that Indian Tantra massage is a very safe healing therapy that helps a person feel safe in themselves after trauma, I searched the Internet for a male therapist that I felt comfortable with.

I had some massages with a male Tantra practitioner which left me feeling disconnected from myself even more. I visited another male Tantra practitioner whose session was more holistic than the first, and yet I still felt there had to be someone out there who could touch my soul and help me feel safe in myself and also help me heal from the loss of my beloved partner.

After some more searching, I came across your website and it looked very professional and safe. I contacted yo and we spoke about his treatments. There was a gentleness and realness to you that helped me feel at ease and safe. We decided on a time and I felt relaxed leading up to the session.

My experience of your treatment room was that it was warm, cosy and safe. Mark, you asked me questions about my journey and how I had found you We came to the same conclusion: I wanted to feel whole in myself after my previous Tantric massages and I also wanted to grieve the loss of my partner. We agreed that I would receive a full body Holistic massage to help me process feelings of grief and then some sensual massage and after this I would tell you if I felt safe enough for you to massage my lingam.

WOW, the two hours of the massage flew by like a Concord flying from London to New York!

Mark, you remained in underwear throughout while I was nude as I received your healing touch. You were gentle and we made lots of eye contact and smiles were exchanged from time to time. You asked me over and over if I was ok and I liked that. Through your caring energy, you helped me to relax and I felt very deep sensations of self-love and wholesomeness for the first time in a long time. After two hours was up, you covered me with a soft cloth and said the massage was over. I felt safe enough to ask you to continue with a lingam massage.

During the lingam massage I felt very guilty and ashamed and asked you to stop. You did stop and then you helped to process the feelings of judgement I felt around my guilt and shame.

You told me that in your experience, at the very point where I felt my shame to be overwhelming, just after this point of complete overwhelm would come my healing. If I relaxed into those feelings I could breathe and let them go from my being. I did as you suggested Mark – I breathed deeply and I asked you to hug me and you did. I realize that I just needed to be held and told that I was going to be ok. This reassurance meant so much to me and we were able to continue the lingam massage.

I left your treatment room feeling so much lighter and also having lots of questions too. You told me it would take a few days for me to integrate my healing and old patterns of shame might still come up and that you would be there for me.

Well, my old ways of reacting and behaving certainly did come up and certainly have been there for me. I messaged you again and you reassured me over and over again of my goodness. You told me about Heart Intelligence and that using Heart Intelligence would help me to digest all my uncomfortable feelings of shame and guilt so that I could continue to heal.

Mark, for me you a true ambassador of living the Tantric Way – with full presence and Heart Intelligence and compassion.

Thank you for everything you have helped me to feel again and thank you for guiding me as I processed my experiences. Thank you for your heartfelt support as I continue to heal. Warmest regards, Henri

For many years, I had no love for my body. Over the past two years I have engaged in many healing practices to learn how to accept, embrace, love and nurture my physical body. All these healing practices led me to Mark, and I am so glad that I was guided to follow my heart and this helped me to face my deepest vulnerability, with Mark.

Mark, you have the most amazing generosity of spirit and true unconditional love. As a healer myself, I know the power of of facing ones fears and finding your power in your vulnerability. Doing this in a Tantra massage with Mark is truly the most spiritually moving experience.

I have been so programmed as a woman to be the giver and also to be responsible. The gift in my Tantra massage of being able to receive without any guilt or shame attached, has opened me up to a completely different energy for my own healing work. My Tantra massage has connected me to the Divine Goddess energy in me an an even more powerful way than I thought was possible.

During my massage, I felt years of pain disappearing as I breathed deeply over and over and I finally chose to let things go. I allowed a new energetic blueprint to emerge through this journey.

Mark, you have an amazing gift and I felt so safe, supported and cherished by you throughout my session. I feel more alive in my body, lighter and I am filled with Divine grace and purpose following our initial session and I will be back. A massage by you is better than a week at the spa. Your Tantra massage has such deeper healing from a physical, mental emotional and spiritual integration perspective.

My soul is charged with aliveness, and in your words “yummy juiciness”. Thank you so much Mark. Namasté, Taryn.

Mark, I want you to know just how much I appreciate your tender kindness, patience and your exquisite gentleness! I have had two  Tantra sessions with you and you have guided me beautifully from the outset. In my culture, sexuality is spoken about very hush hush, and I did not what was possible for my body to experience.

I had so many questions for you when we chatted the very first time, I was sure you thought I was crazy! You answered all my questions in such a gentle way and this put my mind at ease. In my first session, I felt my cultural conditioning come up inside and you did not judge me, rather, you were incredibly gentle.

In my second session, as you patiently massaged my Yoni, my body began to tingle all over and I didn’t know what the tingling was. I almost asked you to stop because I felt afraid. I knew you were also feeling into my fears. You had guided me to breathe through any fears I felt and I did just that – I breathed through my angst. A few seconds after breathing, I relaxed and felt sensations of such bliss and deep pleasure – it felt like I was going to burst with happiness!

Now I realize my fear was about surrendering to my bliss by letting go trying to control it. Thank you thank you thank you!  J

Mark, it certainly has been a big week after my massage! I didn’t know how my orgasmic energy could be directed towards manifesting more of what I want in my life. During my Yoni massage, I really felt connected to my feminine power and I felt no guilt or shame around that – for the first time in ages. Since my massage, I have been floating and it felt like I was gliding through my days at first.

I manifested three dates this week, and I also won a bid presentation on a big job! My old male friend I told you about, well, we had  intense intimacy together and it feels like our relationship is shifting to something better than ever. I should get a date this week for my divorce as well. It really feels like I have expanded – thank you Mark, Sihle

Hi Mark, you took me on a journey today, which was heavenly, thank you so much.  I felt rather apprehensive initially, but your gentle manner & your energies create a unique overall relaxing and calm environment. You made me feel totally comfortable, and I can’t tell you how elated I am for having had this wonderful and totally satisfying experience, which will stay with me always. I’m still tingling all over …   Kind regards & best wishes,  Caron

I first met Mark at a Tantra introduction session in October 2012. It was a short stint, however I was moved by his gentleness, vulnerable and pure energy. Two years later, I had a Tantra session with Anel. This opened up my womanhood and I wanted to explore further with a male energy. Anel introduced me to Mark, she explained that Mark is the perfect therapist for arising my long lost sensual feminine energy.

I experienced Mark’s gentle touch, full attention, generous energy in a safe environment. My conversation leading up to the session was handled professionally. I was late for the session but he calmed me down and didn’t once made me feel I was in the wrong. When I arrived I found him dressed in white, with a warm and welcoming smile. The home set up of the treatment room made it feel more welcoming.

I was not in a good space. Going through divorce, with a conservative intimacy background. I have always believed that pleasure should be experienced by males and also that a woman’s role is to please. I never fully enjoyed sex and after being sexually violated by my then boyfriend when I was 19 made me look at sex differently. My drive is to take my sensual power back. Mark’s healing process was intensely explosive. I felt an internal power, vulnerability, beauty, femininity, unconditional gift, pampering, pleasure and just pure bliss. I thought this should be experienced by each and every person in this world. It will end fighting, depression, anxiety, guilt, abuse. This is love at its purest state. I feel free and empowered. I now appreciate and admire my beautiful body.

In my second session Mark told me I could use my orgasmic life force to manifest what I wanted to experience. I had a wonderful outcome for my son who was going through a challenge and I also also wanted a new business idea. My son had his desired outcome and one week later my new business idea manifested in a way that I delighted me and I got a showroom as well – three months rent free!

I have had two exquisite sessions in which Mark witnessed my feminine energy in such a powerful way, I continue to recommend him to friends and loved ones… QM

Hi Mark, I just want to say thank you very much for the Tantra massage, it was certainly out of this world. When my husband first told me about it I was quite skeptical and hesitant about the experience. I had no idea what it was all about. After doing a google search I was quite scared and almost wanted to back out!

Now I am so glad that I didn’t. The moment you started talking to me and explaining everything I immediately relaxed and opened myself to the experience.You have such a unique voice that will be able to calm anyone even after the toughest day. You have a way of building trust and will never make anybody feel uncomfortable. Right from the start I felt comfortable and relaxed and I knew I could trust you.

Drinking tea together and the ritual before hand and breathing exercises helped me to relax and prepare for the experience. I felt welcome, calm and respected and I even started to get excited about the experience awaiting me.  The atmosphere in the room was amazing. The lighting, music and smell in the room all helped to create the perfect setting.

I have never felt more relaxed than I did that day. I could feel how I relaxed more and more with every breath. My skin was so sensitive to every touch and it felt like an electric current was running through my body. It was as if I could feel the oxygen entering my body and the blood flowing through my veins. What an amazing experience!

It is certainly an avenue that my husband and I will explore to relieve stress and to add some spice to our sex life.You are an extremely talented massage practitioner and I know that this will be a very successful  avenue for you. All the best and thank you once again!        M – Centurion

A friend and  I were enjoying a heart to heart girls lunch, sharing some of our current life challenges and lessons when she told me about something called Tantra Massage. What struck me was that she said it really got her in touch with herself and enhanced her ability to receive. The latter point really interested me as, having just recovered (almost) from the difficult end of a relationship, I felt that my ‘goddess energy’ had taken a severe beating and a lot had been taken from me. She gave me Mark’s details and I called the next day                                                                                                                                                                                                     

His warmth over the phone was immediately apparent and he pointed me to his website for more details. What I read there was open and transparent and resonated with me. On arrival, Mark immediately put me at ease and listened deeply and compassionately while I shared my story with him. From the moment I walked in to the time I left, I felt that he was there to be of service to me in a spirit of kindness

After our conversation we commenced with a fifteen minute Orgasmic Meditation and then the Tantra massage, both of which were conducted with an aura of love, respect and reverence.     On a call later that evening with a curious friend who asked me to describe the experience in one word, I said ‘gentle’.  I felt innocently and deliciously immersed in my body throughout and came away from the afternoon, feeling joyful and connected to myself.  I have been left with a lingering delight in my own body which I continue to nurture daily. Thank you Mark for your generosity!            Stephanie

Mark, thanks so much again for an “experience” … I can honestly say that it was much more than a massage. I really enjoyed the calm atmosphere, cool room, soft music, hot oil …..the body to body contact was very sensual(could have had more of that)..… The entire experience was awesome!  I really felt “lighter “and still feel more positive cause I do believe that we managed to get rid of a lot of negative energy within my body. I will definitely be back and next time I will just ask for a “firmer/harder” touch…

Well, eight months later, as promised, I was back for my second Tantra Massage session. I needed to make a very important decision at work and needed to access the stillness within me.   I did so beautifully – thank you again!              Pieter

Mark, as a woman, I did feel nervous about your being a male practitioner. However, from the very beginning, your calming voice put me totally ease and I felt very safe throughout my Tantra massage experience.  As I began to relax, I felt feelings in me that I had not felt before. I felt sensations and feelings in my whole pelvic area that I had hidden for so long.

As a creative person, it had always felt as if I was being stretched in many directions and that caused me to feel scattered. I had forgotten what it felt like to spontaneous, compassionate and orgasmic and full of wonder at what was possible in my body. I now feel more whole and complete than I have ever felt before. You will be seeing more of me. Thank you so much for a truly amazing experience.           Maria

Mark, firstly I would like to thank you for the Tantra massage, it was something that couldn’t have happened at a better time. It was out of this world. Well done, and thank you so, so much. I believe that there is no better person doing this than you. You have an amazing personality and the perfect communication skills, guiding me through the complete process before we started, and I knew exactly what to expect and felt trust from the start.

You turned my fear into excitement. I was very anxious to experience the massage but with a little fear inside me. During my massage, I relaxed like never before in my life. I also felt amazing sensations through my skin, it felt as if I could feel my blood coursing through my veins.Your touch throughout remained so professional and at just the right pressure that I love. I experienced feelings in me in areas that I did not know I could.        Hannes from Pretoria

I read about a Tantra massage on a blog I read and I decided to see what it was all about.  I was going through some personal issues and was hoping it would give me some clarity too.  Mark was just wonderful.  He was so caring and I felt so safe and secure with him.  I walked out after two and a half hours feeling refreshed and with a very clear mind.  Mark has shown me how to listen to and trust my yoni when I need to make certain life decisions and I have followed this advice.

I have had two sessions with Mark and have never felt better and for the first time ever, have found inner peace and happiness.  Lanthie

Dear Mark, thank you again for a really memorable experience yesterday. I experienced you as a very deep listener and I also appreciate your openness and the caring manner in which  you addressed what we discussed as you conducted my session. You truly are a master at your craft.      David from Cape Town

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